Anker Soundcore Motion+ Portable Bluetooth speaker review (2024)

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The Soundcore Motion+ is a powerful Bluetooth speaker in an unassuming package. It might look fairly ordinary but its use of Anker's audio technology means this is a speaker that will stand up to more expensive and better known names on the market.


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    Excellent audio performance

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    Decent battery life

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    Solid waterproofing


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    Bass could be stronger

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    Looks fairly dull

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In recent years, Anker has carved out quite a respectable reputation for itself when it comes to offering high-quality speakers and headphones at a relatively low price. Typically aimed at those who want decent audio quality without having to pay a fortune, the firm has gone from strength to strength.

Now into the refinement era of the process, Anker has released its Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth speaker, a device that's more about power than eye-catching good looks.

We tested out the portable speaker and it's business as usual, but that's no bad thing at all. It has almost everything you could want at an appealing price point.

Price and availability

The Soundcore Motion+ retails at $100 / £100, which works out at around AU$140 based on current conversion rates – although it doesn't appear to be available in Australia at this moment in time.

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Take the Soundcore Motion+ out of its box and, well, it's not exactly going to thrill you with its looks. It's fine. It looks like nearly all other Bluetooth speakers, distinctly unremarkable and inoffensive, but harmless enough that it’ll suit pretty much any room.

Measuring the length of a couple of smartphones, it won't take up much room on your desk or counter. It's also very easy to pick up with one hand and take around with you, although its near 2.5lb weight means you probably won't want to take it with you on any trips where luggage weight limits apply. This is a speaker that can be portable when you need it to be, but that's not really the priority here.

Take a closer look at the speaker and you'll realize it's actually a bit more stylish than its first impressions suggest. Behind its black grille, you can see the inner workings of the speaker along with the Soundcore logo. It's understated (a familiar theme here), but it's a little more attractive than a simple plain speaker.

The Soundcore Motion+ also has an interesting alignment to it, being tilted upwards at a 15 degree angle. According to Anker, this provides improved sound dispersion – more on that later, but in terms of design, it means the speaker rests on your desk or entertainment unit neatly.

On top of the speaker are the controls. These comprise volume keys (that also double as rewind/fast forward), a Bluetooth pairing button, and an option to increase the bass.

They're tactile buttons so you feel your way around the device rather than look for lit-up displays. That offers mixed results. You save battery life by not having any excessive lights to contend with, but it would be useful to be able to see more when listening to music in the dark.

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To the side of the device is the power button, AUX input and USB-C socket for charging the speaker. USB-C connectivity is a useful extra that isn’t as commonplace with Bluetooth speakers as you’d expect just yet.

Battery life itself is pretty reasonable with a 6700mAh capacity, which means the Soundcore Motion+ can also double up as a power bank for your other devices. Up to 12 hours is promised for music playback, although that number may be lower if you tend to play your music at high volumes.

We found at maximum volume, you'll actually only get about five to six hours, but it's unlikely you'll be using it at full volume all the time. A more realistic figure is about 10 hours or so at 50% volume, and that's not bad at all. A full recharge takes about three to four hours, but your mileage may vary here. In all cases, expect that to change significantly if you're also using it as a power bank.

The Soundcore Motion+ is also fine under water-based duress, thanks to an IPX7 waterproofing rating. Although it's not safe to submerge in more than three feet of water, it's still fine to leave next to the pool side or keep in the shower.

As is typical for Anker products, there's also support for the Soundcore app. Via the app, you can tweak the equalizer, choosing between some decent presets or tweaking things manually to your heart's content. It's also possible to set sleep timers and turn the speaker off via the app, which is convenient if you happen to be across the room.

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The Soundcore Motion+ utilizes two high-frequency tweeters, neodymium subwoofers, along with a passive radiator.

With a total output of 30W, they pack a surprising punch for the size and price point. Even at high volumes, music sounds crisp with no distortion.

The tilted design helps in some way by 'throwing' music across the room a bit more effectively. The speaker's pretty good at generating a wide frequency range from 50Hz to 40kHz.

This means that you'll hear finer details in the music you listen to, thanks to stronger mids and trebles. There's also Anker's BassUp technology which ensures that bass sounds deeper and richer at all times. We tested it on music ranging from cool and subtle blues to more riff driven guitar music such as Foo Fighters, and felt confident at how good everything sounded.

The ultimate test was to try it out with less professionally tweaked music via a track or two from a local artist. The Soundcore Motion+ still picked up the relevant beats, and ensured we could even spot a few small details we hadn't noticed before. It's all well balanced with nothing sounding too overwhelming at any point.

Granted, the Soundcore Motion+ didn't quite achieve the powerful bass range of something like the JBL Charge 4, but these are the kind of subtle nuances that few will find issue with. That's even more the case when you consider the price of the Soundcore Motion+.

By now, we all know that an AUX connection is regarded as best for sound quality, but Bluetooth here sounds pretty good thanks to Anker's continued use of Qualcomm aptX technology, which means lossless music reproduction while streaming.

You can also pair up two Soundcore Motion+ units to effectively double the volume and create a more accurate form of stereo sound.

Final verdict

The Soundcore Motion+ does a lot with its relatively small form. Able to charge your devices, survive a splash or two, as well as play your music well, it's an appealing device. It might look unremarkable, but it offers pretty much everything you would want from a wireless speaker for casual music listening.

Does it provide the powerful bass of a JBL model? No, but it's also lower in price than its biggest competitor. As a relatively inexpensive alternative to waterproof speakers on the market like the JBL Charge 4, the Soundcore Motion+ could be a sound investment.

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Regarding the article you mentioned from TechRadar, titled "Soundcore Motion+ review," it provides an overview of the Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth speaker by Anker. The article discusses the speaker's design, features, and sound performance. It also mentions the speaker's price and availability.

Let's dive into the concepts mentioned in the article:

Soundcore Motion+ Design:

The Soundcore Motion+ has a simple and unassuming design. It looks similar to other Bluetooth speakers and is not particularly eye-catching. However, upon closer inspection, it has a more stylish appearance with a black grille and the Soundcore logo. The speaker is tilted at a 15-degree angle, which is said to improve sound dispersion. The controls are located on the top of the speaker and include volume keys, a Bluetooth pairing button, and an option to increase the bass. The speaker also features a power button, AUX input, and USB-C socket for charging.

Soundcore Motion+ Features:

The Soundcore Motion+ has several notable features. It has a 6700mAh battery capacity, which provides up to 12 hours of music playback. The speaker can also function as a power bank for other devices. It has an IPX7 waterproof rating, making it suitable for use near water. The speaker supports the Soundcore app, which allows users to adjust the equalizer, set sleep timers, and turn off the speaker remotely. Additionally, the speaker utilizes Anker's BassUp technology to enhance bass performance.

Soundcore Motion+ Sound Performance:

The Soundcore Motion+ delivers excellent sound performance considering its size and price point. It features two high-frequency tweeters, neodymium subwoofers, and a passive radiator, resulting in a total output of 30W. The speaker produces crisp and distortion-free sound even at high volumes. The tilted design helps disperse sound effectively, and the speaker offers a wide frequency range from 50Hz to 40kHz. Anker's BassUp technology ensures deep and rich bass. The speaker also supports Bluetooth streaming with Qualcomm aptX technology, providing lossless music reproduction. It is possible to pair two Soundcore Motion+ units for stereo sound.

Soundcore Motion+ Price and Verdict:

The Soundcore Motion+ is priced at $100 / £100, which is relatively affordable compared to similar waterproof speakers like the JBL Charge 4. While it may not have the same powerful bass as some competitors, it offers good sound quality and a range of features. The article suggests that the Soundcore Motion+ is a sound investment for those seeking a wireless speaker for casual music listening.

Please note that the information provided above is based on the article you mentioned, and I have cited the relevant snippets from the search results.

Anker Soundcore Motion+ Portable Bluetooth speaker review (2024)


Anker Soundcore Motion+ Portable Bluetooth speaker review? ›

I would use them at moderate volume about an hour per day, and I would have to charge twice a week. The new Motion+ are a bit larger, louder, sound better, and the battery life is 2-3X longer. Overall excellent speakers for the price so far. No Bluetooth connection problems and they seem to be solid and high quality.

Is Soundcore Motion+ worth it? ›

Soundcore Motion+ has an excellent design and build that can really help with the sound dispersion and nice stereo separation. I have played with the eq bands quite a lot and they are real eq. Motion+ is a champion in its size category by delivering great bass response and exceptional mids and highs

What is the difference between Anker Soundcore Motion+ and Flare+? ›

Side-by-Side Comparison

The Anker Soundcore Motion+ is a slightly better speaker than the Anker Soundcore Flare 2. The Motion+ is better suited to outdoor use since its battery lasts longer and it can get louder than the Flare.

Is Soundcore actually good? ›

The Soundcore Motion 300 is Anker's answer to that Bose speaker. Around the same size as the Bose, it doesn't sound quite as good, but it sounds impressive for its compact size and costs only $80. As a result, we've awarded it a CNET Editors' Choice as a strong value pick in the portable Bluetooth speaker category.

How loud is Soundcore Motion Plus? ›

The Anker Soundcore Motion Plus is a fairly small speaker that's well-suited for outdoor use. It has a very long battery life, and it's rated IPX7 for water resistance, although we don't currently test for this. It can also get quite loud, though there are some compression artifacts at max volume.

Why is soundcore so good? ›

They're the next generation of the Anker Soundcore Life Q35 Wireless and have an improved noise isolation performance thanks to their adaptive ANC. They can block out sounds like the rumbles from car engines and coworker chit-chat so you can focus on your audio.

Why is my Anker Soundcore so quiet? ›

It could be because of the speaker's battery, the device connected with the speaker, the audio source, and so on. If your Soundcore 3's volume is too low, please try these steps: Confirm that Soundcore 3 is fully charged. Reset Soundcore 3 by holding the Bluetooth and Vol+ buttons at the same time for 5-10 seconds.

Is Soundcore a Chinese company? ›

Soundcore is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China .

What is Soundcore Motion+? ›

Anker Soundcore Motion+ The Anker Soundcore Motion+ is a solid all-around Bluetooth speaker that delivers a loud sound in an affordable package.

Does Anker Soundcore have good bass? ›

If you're a bass fanatic who wants emphatic audio performance in a tiny, affordable package, you can't go wrong purchasing the Anker Soundcore Mini.

What brand owns soundcore? ›

Anker speakers

A couple of years ago, Anker spun its audio arm of products – including speakers – into its very own brand called Soundcore.

Who is soundcore made by? ›

soundcore is part of the Anker Innovations' family of consumer brands. For more information, please visit Anker Innovations is a global leader in mobile charging and a developer of unique consumer products that support premium audio, mobile entertainment, and the emerging smart home space.

How long does an Anker speaker last? ›

For less than $25, the Anker SoundCore provides 24 hours of playback time.

How many watts is Soundcore Motion Plus? ›

Product information
Product Dimensions‎3.1 x 3.2 x 10.1 inches
Speakers Maximum Output Power30 Watts
Item Weight‎2.31 Pounds
Battery Capacity‎6700 Milliamp Hours
Number Of Items‎1
11 more rows

How long is the playtime for Soundcore motion plus? ›

12-Hour playtime: motion+'s built-in 6, 700 mAh battery lets you effortlessly soundtrack wild weekends, cozy evenings, or long summer days outdoors.

How long does Soundcore Motion Plus take to charge? ›

Approximately 4 hours

How long is the playtime for soundcore motion plus? ›

12-Hour playtime: motion+'s built-in 6, 700 mAh battery lets you effortlessly soundtrack wild weekends, cozy evenings, or long summer days outdoors.

Is soundcore a good brand of headphones? ›

Overall, they're an excellent value and well worth your attention if you're on a budget. If you want more accurate sound out of the box, Audio-Technica's $79.99 ATH-M20xBT headphones are a fine alternative, though they lack noise cancellation and higher-end codec options.

How many watts is soundcore Motion Plus? ›

Product information
Product Dimensions‎3.1 x 3.2 x 10.1 inches
Speakers Maximum Output Power30 Watts
Item Weight‎2.31 Pounds
Battery Capacity‎6700 Milliamp Hours
Number Of Items‎1
11 more rows


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